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In recent years, Vision Wheel was the first wheel manufacture in the world to offer a 15” custom wheel and tire for ATV’s and UTV’s. Our line of custom ATV wheels and tires have received rave reviews from ATV publications and have quickly become a popular choice among ATV and UTV owners throughout the world.




Buckshot - Gloss Black

Five-Fifty One - Blue Ring
Faux Beadlock

Five-Fifty One - Yellow Ring
Faux Beadlock

Five-Fifty One - Red Ring
Faux Beadlock

Five-Fifty One - Green Ring
Faux Beadlock

159 - Machined

159 - Matte Black

159 - Camo

161 - Bruiser - Machined

161 - Bruiser - Chrome

161 - Bruiser - Matte Black

393 - Lockout - Black

112 - Assault

393 - Lockout - Machined Lip


Our mission is to build tires and wheels for today's ATVs, UTVs and offroad motorcycles that offer a high standard of quality, technology and performance—without the price.

Split Six - Beadlock


Mamba Blackout Beadlock

Mamba Beadlock

Badlands Machined








Storm Beadlock

Twist Blackout

Twist Machined


Here’s our mission: Manufacture the best-looking wheels in a wide range of sizes – from 12-inch up to 18-inch – and design them to be ultra-durable with the finest precision-machined detail available. And offer them at a great price. Then we back ’em up with a lifetime warranty. If it breaks, we’ll replace it free. That’s STI HD Alloy wheels.

ITP wheels, manufactured by our Global partners, are the perfect match for our ‘Made in USA’ tires. Our 50+ spectacular wheel designs and performance specs are customer-driven and built to last. Each wheel is inspected based on strict dimensional and structural criteria, ensuring quality, durability, and confidence you can always count on. In fact, ITP was the first in the industry to offer a lifetime warranty on our “SS” line of alloy utility wheels.